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LeadDelta Sidebars

Sometimes, when you start working on your connections, you need an easy way to navigate through them.

To make the managing process more accessible, we introduced LeadDelta Sidebars.

For now, there are three of them, one on the main dashboard and another in the Inbox. The new update enables the third sidebar while browsing your LinkedIn connections page.

Dashboard Sidebar

While working on your connections in the main connections tab, it can be overwhelming to look at all of the information in a linear table, and this is where the dashboard sidebar comes in handy.

Click on the desired connection, and the sidebar will pop up on the right side of the screen. You can add tags, notes, and other actions from the sidebar.

Dashboard Sidebar

Inbox Sidebar

Being on top of your conversations is the best way to keep nurturing your relationships.

Writing down notes, applying tags, and having all of the vital information at one glance is why we added the sidebar to Inbox. You can open the sidebar by clicking on the button that has two arrows in the top right corner of your conversation.

Inbox Sidebar

LinkedIn Page Sidebar

The most requested sidebar has come to your aid! While browsing through LinkedIn and adding your new connections, and visiting profiles, you can take notes and apply tags to stay proactive in your search.

LinkedIn Page Sidebar

Here's how to activate the LinkedIn Page Sidebar:

Go to Settings > In the bottom, switch the Connections Sidebar toggle on > Save 🎉

Turn on LinkedIn Page Sidebar

That's it! Now, browse LinkedIn and make the most out of your network with our sidebar.


There is information missing in my sidebar.

Suppose some of the information in the sidebar is missing, such as the number of followers, location, company, etc.
It means that your connection is still being updated. If you need information quickly, you can click profile update, but please note that it's not recommended to perform this action too many times as it counts toward your daily limit. Learn more about how updating works on this link.

My trial has expired and the information is blury.

If your trial has expired the information in your Sidebars' will be blurred out, to access this information you will need to upgrade your account. For more information on how to upgrade your account read in this article.

Your LeadDelta team
P.S. Growing a business is hard. We try to make it a bit easier, here.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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