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How to Hide/Unhide Connections

If you wish to have your connections list "clean", you can easily hide the connections that are not of your interest to be presented when viewing All your Connections.

There are two ways to perform this.

Find the contact you wish to hide and either:

Click on the ellipsis () - More Menu - on the right-hand side of the connection row and select Hide option

Tick the checkbox on the left-hand side, click on the ellipsis (⋯) in the action bar and select Hide option

Once Hide option is selected, the user will be presented with the success Toast Notification:

To Unhide the hidden connection, the flow is the same, but you just need to select Unhide option instead and the selected connection will appear again in the Connections list. Upon clicking on the Unhide option, you will also be presented with the success Toast Notification.

Initially, the Connections list will present only the connections that are not hidden, but you will still be able to view All Connections or just the Hidden ones by using our Hidden Filter.

Head over to the filters section in the top right corner, above the table and click on Filter dropdown

Go to Hidden Connections filter and select one of the options: All Connections, No, Yes

Hidden Connections Filter

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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