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How to Sync with LinkedIn

As soon as you get onboarded to LeadDelta, we will get the latest set of your connections.

The system will run the Auto Sync every 12 hours to get the latest connections into the system upon refreshing the page. This process will run seamlessly in the background ensuring more efficient workflow.

However, in case you are getting new connections all the time, you could be syncing those manually by navigating to the settings page in the top right corner (profile image).

You can manually sync every 15 minutes, however, it's not recommendable to sync too often and too many times on the daily level.

You will constantly be informed about the current progress on syncing by clicking on the total number of connections in the top right corner.
It will present the total number of connections, the number of the currently updated ones, as well as the last sync date and time.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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