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How Can I Upgrade My Account

To upgrade from Trial to PRO version of LeadDelta

Once your 7 day trial expires, you will get presented with the sticky bar at the top. Please note that you will be able to Upgrade your account at any moment during the Trial period by clicking on the Upgrade option.

Trial Expired

You will always know how many days are left of your Trial period since we are showing it in the top right corner.

Trial Ending Section

You will need to click on Activate your license today link and you will be redirected to the page where you will be able to choose the subscription that suits you the best and once you enter your credit card info, you will all be set to use LeadDelta without any restrictions.

You can choose between monthly and annual account. Monthly subscription can be canceled at any point of time and doesn't come with a contract. As long as you cancel before the next renewal date, you won't be charged the monthly fee after canceling.

Note: There is no credit card info required while being on trial.

You will also always be able to go to the Billing section and upgrade from there as well.

To upgrade from Monthly to Annual PRO version

Go to your LeadDelta
Top right image
Upgrade to Annual
Apply Coupon Code
Click confirm

In this video you can see how to upgrade your account:

Your LeadDelta team
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Updated on: 22/04/2024

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