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In today's fast-paced business environment, effective communication is key to success.

LeadDelta understands the significance of seamless communication, and with the integration of the ChatGPT plugin, taking it to the next level.

Powered by OpenAI's advanced language model, the ChatGPT plugin brings a new dimension to your conversations. With its natural language processing capabilities, it understands context, generates human-like responses, and enhances the overall communication experience.

How does the SparkleAI works


When building the template for your upcoming outreach, trust SparkleAI to elevate your message, ensuring clarity and fostering more engaging conversations overall.

Set the tone- This option allows you to adjust the tone of the generated message. Whether you want the response to be formal, informal, friendly, or professional, "Set the tone" empowers you to customize the communication style to suit your needs.

Translate- The "Translate" option enables you to convert the generated text into a different language. This is particularly useful when communicating with connections who speak a language other than the one in which the original message was generated.

Fix the grammar- "Fix the grammar" is a handy option for refining the language and structure of the generated message. If there are grammatical errors or awkward phrasing, this option helps to enhance the overall quality of the response.

Make punchier- When you want to add flair and impact to your message, the "Make punchier" option comes into play. It modifies the text to make it more engaging, attention-grabbing, or succinct, ensuring your message has the desired impact.

Condense the message- Sometimes, brevity is key. The "Condense the message" option trims down the generated text to convey the same message more concisely. This is useful when you need to communicate efficiently without sacrificing clarity.

Reset to original message- If at any point in the editing process you decide to revert to the original message, the "Reset to original message" option allows you to do just that. It provides a quick way to go back to the initial response if needed.

The same options will be available while crafting your message on LinkedIn or replying back to your prospective connections.

LinkedIn Chat

Aaaand, we save the best for last.

Not only that you have these same options in LeadDelta Smart Inbox, we went one step further and help you generate messages based on tone, outreach reason, company info, and additional details, for tailored communication with a specific context.

Generate Messages

Start by setting the tone and the outreach reason, and provide additional and company information.
Company info allows users to input specific information about their company, such as its industry, achievements, or recent news. The message generator then utilizes this data to create messages that resonate with the recipient.
Beyond basic details, users can include additional information that adds depth to their messages. This could include specific project details, recent interactions, or any other information that enhances the relevance and specificity of the message.

If these fields are left empty, the AI will use the information that you have provided while setting up the account.

The AI will already take into consideration the recipient's information and include it while generating the output based on the relevant profile data.


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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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