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Inbox - Sending Messages

How to send Messages, Files & Templates

Sending messages from our Inbox has never been easier! Send new individual or group messages, use templates and send different types of files.


| How to send New Messages

Many of our users wanted the ability to compose a new, single message while working on their LinkedIn conversations. With just a few clicks, you can compose and send a new message directly from your LeadDelta inbox.

Both 1 on 1 and group conversations are covered. The only thing for you to do is to choose the right people and a message that will blow them away.

Click on the New Message button to start composing your message, and type in the name(s) of the connection(s). Once you’re done writing, click the send button, and your message will appear in the LeadDelta Inbox.

Send a New Message

| How to send a file

Sometimes it’s hard to explain things. We are visual beings and like to express ourselves with pictures, gifs, and other forms of content. Now you’ll be able to send files when composing a message.

You can choose up to 5 attachments per message (the single file can’t exceed 100MB):

Supported files:
Adobe PDF (.pdf)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx)
Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)

Add Files Button

| Templates

Having a template on hand can save a lot of time doing repetitive tasks such as writing the same message repeatedly.

Choose to send a templated message by clicking on the icon next to the send button. You will be presented with two options: save the existing text as a template or choose an existing one.

Template Button

You are probably well aware of the LeadDelta templates and how helpful they can be when sending bulk messages. Now, you can use those templates in the Inbox directly - choose the saved template when composing a message, or save the message you’re currently writing as a template and use it at any point in the future.

Template Pop-up

Your LeadDelta team
P.S. Growing a business is hard. We try to make it a bit easier, here.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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