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Inbox Feature

Welcome to our powerful Inbox!

A smart LinkedIn inbox that gives you space to manage your vital conversations. Relationships are built through conversations, so here’s how to use all Inbox functionalities to upgrade your game...

Inbox Tab can be found in the main navigation bar


When you click on the Inbox option, it will open a new page where you can perform the following actions:

List your conversations- Seamlessly load and scroll through all your past conversations.
See the messages exchanged within one Single or Group Conversation- Find and read your messages.
Send a New Text Message- Interact with your connections and reply to a single or a group message.
Pin/Unpin messages
Star/Unstar messages
Archive or Delete conversations
Mark conversations with Read/unread
Search with keywords
Tag/Remove tag from conversations with the tags you already have created in LeadDelta
The option to filter based on tags, pins, stars, read, and archived
Inbox Sidebar - preview all of the info about a connection in a single glance while staying in the conversation

We value your privacy: LeadDelta is not storing or hosting your LinkedIn messages. If you log out from your LinkedIn account, LeadDelta Inbox Conversations disappear.

| Send a New Text Message

The new message button applies to both single and group conversations.

Click on the New Message button to start composing your message, and type in the name(s) of the connection(s). Once you’re done writing, click the send button, and your message will appear in the LeadDelta inbox.

Send a New Message

| Pin & Star messages

Staying on top of your vital conversations has never been easier with the Pin & Star buttons. Differentiate the levels of importance between the two options, and when you’re ready to work on them, find them through filters.

Pin & Star messages

| Archive or Delete conversations

Clear the clutter in your Inbox with these two new features. Should I keep or delete a conversation? No problem, archive it and return to it using the Archive filter.
Once you’ve concluded, delete a conversation by clicking on the trash bin icon within the chat.



| Mark conversations with Read/unread

Have you ever been in a situation where you read the message, can’t reply at that time, and somehow completely forget about it? We’ve all been there!
Now you can mark read/unread messages and organize your Inbox better. You can do it in the Single Conversation View or as a bulk action if you want to deal with multiple conversations simultaneously.

Button Read/Unread.

You can now filter your conversations based on the read/unread state.

Filter by read/unread state.

| Search with keywords

We know how hard finding the right conversation can be, so we made it easier than ever. Search through your Inbox by the connection’s name or the keyword.
Type the name/word, press enter, and the conversations will be listed. Done with that? Just click the X button, and you will return to the main page.

Search by Keyword

| Tag/Remove tag

Apply a tag to your connections while reading their message, and we also have filters so you can find the conversation or the connection you want to message.

Apply Tag

Remove a tag directly from a connection, select multiple connections, and remove a tag in bulk. Select the remove tag button from the ellipsis in the action bar.

Remove tags

| Inbox Sidebar

We’re sure you’ve often thought about ways to see more information about your connections without leaving the conversation you’re having with them.
You will be amazed by the sidebar inside the Inbox.

Open the sidebar by clicking on the two arrows, and the connection’s info will appear on the right.
All your tags and notes will be visible. Once you’re done, you can close the sidebar and return to the usual inbox overview.

For more information on our Sidebars, check out the following article

Sidebar Inbox

| Jump from LeadDelta to LinkedIn

Do you want to visit the connection’s LI profile while reading the conversation? Sure, click on the connection’s image or name, and it will open up their LI profile in another tab.

Click on the conversation timestamp, and the LinkedIn chat will be opened in another tab.

Jump to LinkedIn Inbox or Profile

The Inbox feature has been one of the most requested features since the beginning of LeadDelta.

Is it perfect? NO!
Can we make it perfect? YES! But we need your help!

Please contribute to our Product roadmap and share your voice with the rest of the community.

Your LeadDelta team
P.S. Growing a business is hard. We try to make it a bit easier, here.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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