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Inbox - Archive & Delete

Archiving & Deleting

| Deleting messages

Managing relationships and keeping up with conversations can be overwhelming and quite noisy.

Do you want to clear up some old or not meaningful discussions?

You can also delete the conversations you don’t need anymore!

Go to the conversation > in the top right corner, select the trash can icon > with one click, delete the conversation 🎉

Delete message

| Archiving messages

Sometimes we’re unsure of which conversations we could re-spark in the future.

Having time to visit and go over an old conversation that doesn’t obstruct your working Inbox is a great way to maintain information and productivity.

That’s where archiving comes in handy!

Archive Buttons

The only thing that makes sense is to archive them so that you can restore them in case you change your mind.

Once archived, those messages won’t be presented in the conversation list anymore, but you can use filters to access archived conversations and delete or restore them.

Filter Archiving

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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