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How to Disconnect from a Connection on LinkedIn/Remove from LeadDelta

In case you no longer want to be a connection with someone, you just need to find that specific connection and then click on the ellipsis (⋯) - More Menu - on the right-hand side of the connection row and select Disconnect/Remove option.

A popup will appear where you will need to confirm the action and choose the right option for you, so you can:
Disconnect from LinkedIn - this would keep the connection as a LeadDelta connection, but disconnect from it on LinkedIn
Remove from LeadDelta - this would just remove your connection from LeadDelta

You can turn the switch to ON state for both switches and in that case, the connection will both be disconnected on LinkedIn and removed from LeadDelta.

You can also perform the bulk deletion by ticking the checkbox on the left-hand side for the connections you wish to delete, clicking on the ellipsis (⋯) in the action bar and selecting Disconnect/Remove option.

It will open up the same popup mentioned above.

The limit for the bulk action is set to 25 connections per action.

During the trial period the limit is set to 25 connections in total.

Once the action is performed, you will get the success toast notification.

Disconnected Connection will be presented differently in the Connections table and will be automatically assigned with Disconnected Tag (this tag cannot be removed). This way, you can easily distinguish disconnected connections from the ones that are still your connections on LinkedIn.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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