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How to Export Connections

How to Export Connections

Exporting Connections and all the relevant information that is synced from LinkedIn is really easy on LeadDelta.

You just need to filter the connections based on the specific criteria and click Export button that appears above the Connections table.

Export Connections

Once you click the Export button, the popup will appear where you will need to choose whether you want to export only Selected Connections or also All the Connections that meet the criteria that was chosen.

Export Connections popup

You can also choose to include Tags and Notes that were added to the connections and, if selected, they will appear in the CSV file besides the other columns presenting Connections' info - connections-export-MM-dd-YYYY.csv

Note that in case no filters are selected, you will be able to export all your connections, by choosing Export All in the Export popup.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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