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How to Sort Connections and Use the Table Pagination

Sorting Connections is really straight-forward on LeadDelta.

Initially, all the connections are sorted by the date they have been added as your connection. You can change the main sorting to:

Main Sorting

Additionally, the sorting can be done based on:

Connection's Name
Connection's Company
Connection's Location
Date connected
Connection's Number of followers
Connection's Contact Info
Last Message Date

by clicking on the appropriate column name and you will be presented with the sorted connections. Sorting goes in both ASC and DESC direction (the arrow will show the sorting direction).

As for the pagination, the default one is set to be 50 connection per page, but you can change it — 25 to 200 per page.

You can also see the total number of results according to the search criteria or the total number of LinkedIn connections synced - in the example below, it is 699.

Change the page pagination

You can go from one page to another by clicking on the left and right arrow and the table will get updated accordingly with your connections. And you can also go to the specific page by entering its number in the Jump to Page field.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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