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How to Remove Tag From the Connection

In case you want to remove a tag from a connection you just need to find that specific connection and then click on the ellipsis (⋯) - More Menu - on the right-hand side of the connection row and select Remove Tag(s) option.

Once you click on the Remove Tag(s) option/button, a popup will appear presenting the field where you can search for the tag you wish to remove (for a Single Connection, only the Tags
applied to that connection will appear).

Upon clicking on Remove button, the success toast notification will appear stating the successful removal.

In this video we explain how to Remove a Tag from a Connection:

You can also perform the bulk Remove tag by ticking the checkbox on the left-hand side for the connections you wish to remove the tag from and clicking on the ellipsis (⋯) - More Actions Menu.

More Action Menu

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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