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How to Manage a Note for Connection

You will be able to add a note for your connection by finding that specific connection and then clicking on the ellipsis (⋯) - More Menu - on the right-hand side of the connection row and selecting Note option.

Once you click on the Note option, a popup will appear presenting the Note box where you will be able to enter the note you wish. The max number of characters per Note is 400.

You will always be presented with the info on the time the note was created.

If you wish to edit a Note, you just need to click on the more menu and then Edit Note option for the note you wish to modify. The Note text will appear in the Input Field and you will be able to amend it.

It will also be possible to delete a Note by clicking on the Delete Note option in the more menu.

In case there is a Note added for the connection, the Note icon will turn purple so it will be clear in the list of Connections which one actually have a note.

You will be able to add multiple notes for each connection.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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