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How to Customize Columns for the Connections section

In case you do not want to see all the columns in the Connections section, you can easily customize them, by clicking on the layout icon
and choosing the ones that you wish to view:

Customize Columns

You just need to tick the checkbox next to the columns you want to see in the table. We have also added five more columns - Date Connected, Languages, Date of Birth, Followers, Last Messaged, that are actually un-selected by default.

The minimum number of columns to be selected is two.
We will save your choice so that you do not need to change it each time you use LeadDelta.

You can also easily go back to the default columns if you click on Reset to Default link.

UPDATE 2/16/2022

You can learn so much about a person by browsing through their LinkedIn page. Those pieces of information can help you build a personalized message and start the conversation, so the advantage of having everything presented on the same page is tremendous. Like the birth date of your connections, wishing them a happy birthday nice conversation starter. The ability to do it in their mother tongue is even better.
Both pieces of information are available in LeadDelta dashboard and CSV export, just make sure to enable those columns on the main page.
You can also filter your connections based on the above data points.

UPDATE 4/6/2022

Knowing when was the last time you touched base with your connections is rather important, wouldn't you say? We definitely believe this comes in handy when you're getting ready to outreach. You can enable this column on the main dashboard, and what's even better is that you can also see who was the last one sending the message, you or your connections based on the colour of the text. Green = replied to the last message, Grey = haven't replied to the last message.

Also, you can filter by the last message date range.

Last messaged filter

UPDATE 4/27/2022

The number of followers is a big thing among the LI community. In case you ever wondered how many followers your connections have, you can now update the profiles and see that data inside your LeadDelta dashboard. You can also sort by this information, and filters will come soon enough.

Your LeadDelta team
P.S. Growing a business is hard. We try to make it a bit easier, here.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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