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You received LinkedIn warning. Now what?

Did you receive a LinkedIn Warning?


LinkedIn doesn’t ban accounts out of nowhere, if they do it’s because you haven’t complied with their terms and conditions or you exceeded your account's limits.

However, LinkedIn never tells you the exact reason why you are restricted, so it’s up to you to take certain measures to prevent these LinkedIn warnings from happening again.

LinkedIn doesn’t like automation tools, and bots. LeadDelta is not an automation tool and it's ultra-secure. LeadDelta also has limits to make sure it does everything possible to protect your LinkedIn account. If despite these security measures, your account is temporarily restricted- No need to panic. There are a few things to consider in this case, but before we get to that part, let's deeper dive into the reason to end up receiving LinkedIn warning in the first place.

Why does LinkedIn restrict my account?

LinkedIn may restrict your account for several reasons:

If LinkedIn considers your account not to be a real identity.
If you have continued to use a prohibited automation tool.
If you have shared content that has been reported multiple times.
Any other systematic violation of their TOS

How to avoid being restricted by LinkedIn?

Typically, when you receive the notice, the message tells you that there is abnormal activity on your account, which includes a high number of actions.

There are a few things to consider when you are receiving this message. First, remember that these measures are in place to protect members and their data from scrapers and other bad actors. Even though the warning message mentions that you are using automation software, these anti-abuse measures can also be triggered by engaging in manual activity that appears systemic in nature.

Avoid engaging in manual activity that could appear systemic in nature. For example, viewing a large number of profiles or sending a large number of invitations or messages in a short amount of time. Instead, spread this activity out over a longer time period.

Simultaneously opening an excessive number of personal profiles in new tabs, particularly if this action occurs frequently throughout the day. If you are using Chrome, please know that Chrome has an issue where it will "refresh" a page on the backend, upon refreshing the session or moving from one tab to another, which appears like a new page view. If you have multiple tabs open at once when this occurs, it looks like a large number of page views at the exact same time, and it can trigger the system. So we recommend when using Chrome to not open a large number of tabs at the same time. If you want to view multiple profiles, open a profile, view it, take whichever action you need to take, then close it, and open the next one. This usually does the trick and stops these restrictions from occurring for Chrome users.

Avoid using too many LinkedIn Automation tools at the same time, and especially avoid using those that send connection requests and messages automatically.

Make sure you're not exceeding your account's limits. This is the tricky part. LinkedIn doesn't disclose these limits publicly. Each LinkedIn account is the subject of the algorithms checks, based on which, your limits are determined. This means that you need to slowly ramp-up the usage, and avoid any sudden spikes in activities. Also, these limits are different for free vs. paid LinkedIn plans.

Optimize your LinkedIn account: Have a professional photo, add your phone number for double verification, add legitimate email address.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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