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Where is the Log In link? How to Log In to LeadDelta?

LeadDelta is exclusively available as a Chrome Web Store Application (Extension or Plug-in). Therefore, downloading the extension is a prerequisite for utilizing LeadDelta.

Once you have successfully downloaded the extension, you have two convenient options for logging in: you can use the in-extension login screen, or simply click on the login button provided on the website.

In both scenarios, the login process follows these steps:

You will be directed to the login page at
After a system check, if the extension is already downloaded, and you are logged into the correct LinkedIn account, you can proceed to access the extension.

Please be aware that the system may generate an error if you enter incorrect login credentials or if you are not logged into the appropriate LinkedIn account. It's essential to ensure the accuracy of your login information for a smooth experience.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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