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Missing connections and why the numbers on LinkedIn and Leaddelta don't match

The number of your connections inside Leaddelta and LinkedIn almost never match.

First make sure that you have the latest state synced, between LinkedIn and LeadDelta. Just click the "Sync" button and wait for 5-15 seconds depending on the number of connections that you have, and you'll get the real state:


LeadDelta only picks up the valid contacts from the LinkedIn API.

Other contacts might have undergone the following actions:

As per LinkedIn's help article:
"It may appear that one or more of your LinkedIn connections have disappeared from your connections list if the member has: Closed their LinkedIn account, or Removed you from their connection list."
Some connections get banned or penalized.
Others go in a private mode.

Because of all that and more, you tend to have a different number inside LinkedIn and inside LeadDelta. Via the API, LeadDelta only syncs valid connections and for LinkedIn sometimes it takes more to display the change.


In this example you will see the 3 different numbers (connection count). And we will explain each.

Inside LeadDelta:

On LinkedIn:

20,002 - LinkedIn has this number, but when we fetch data from LinkedIn to LeadDelta, there are fewer contacts than what LinkedIn presents
19,737 - your current connections
19,958 - your current connections + the disconnected ones that you haven't deleted

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have more questions we are here for you.

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Updated on: 24/05/2024

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