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HubSpot Integration (Beta)

LeadDelta is a great addition to your current tech stack. Not only that you can easily manage your LinkedIn connections and create lists out of people you're not yet connected to, you can also integrate the system with your HubSpot account and keep your data in one place.

HubSpot integration gives you the opportunity to create your own workflows for managing contacts and lists, as well as keeping the notes on important information or messages.

This article explains the process of setting up the integration.

HubSpot integration is currently in Beta version, so please reach out to our team via in-app chat or email at to enable the integration

Once the integration option is enabled inside LeadDelta, you will need to apply the HubSpot API key to connect the accounts.

To obtain the HubSpot API, please:

Log into your HubSpot account
Navigate to the settings page
In the left hand-side menu, navigate to the Integration dropdown, and click on the Private Apps option

You must be a super admin to access private apps in your HubSpot account. If you don't have permission to access private apps, please contact your Admin

Click on the Create a Private App button

Name the Private App (required) and give a description of what the app does (optional)

Go to Scopes tab, and enable the following scopes: read, write
crm.lists read, write
crm.objects.contacts read, write read, write
automation request

Click on the Create app button in the top right corner

This will create a token which you will need to copy and add to your LeadDelta account

To add the HubSpot API to your LeadDelta account, please:

Log into the LeadDelta account
Navigate to the Integrations Tab
The HubSpot Integration will appear
Click on the integration button and add the HubSpot API key

Once the accounts are integrated, you can set up Triggers by clicking on the New Trigger button.

If you're using the triggers based on the Applied Tag, make sure that the title of the tag matches the tag you created or about to create

More about triggers can be found in this article.

Please note that to have the connections data pushed to HubSpot, your connections need to be fully updated. If the connection's data is missing, the sync won't come through and HubSpot will throw an error.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your LeadDelta team
P.S. Growing a business is hard. We try to make it a bit easier, here.

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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