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Workspace Tags

Collaborating on mutual connections and opportunities has never been easier with new Workspace tagging.

Once you create the workspace, or invite your teammates to join, all the existing tags will be synced in the workspace and you will be able to see already tagged connections on the screen and leverage the existing tags, or create new ones.

Connections page

Tags can be applied in bulk by selecting the connections and clicking on the Apply Tag button.

While creating/ applying tags you can set them as public or private. This will allow you to manage sharing between accounts/ users, and have a control over what you share with your team.



Apply Tag

If the tag is already created it will appear in the list, or you can search by the tag name, and you can create a new tag on the spot and also change the color accordingly before you save and apply it.

Both Manager and Team Members can tag all connections, no matter of who is the connections' owner.

All created tags can be found under the Tag section in the main menu.


The Tags tab will show all the tags created by all team members, as well as the number of connections with that tag applied. You can also see whether the tag belongs to a single or multiple members.

You can filter tags based on the tag owner.

When tags are shared publicly, all members can see and use those tags. Tags that are saved as private will be visible only to the owner of the tag.
Workspace owner has the overall control over the status of the tag and can edit all tags and change the visibility/ update access of all tags, while members can only edit and change visibility of their own tags.

All Tags are set to be Public by default.

The owner of the Workspace can rewrite the user settings.

Clicking on the number of tagged connections will open up the connection page with the filter by tag applied and the list of the tagged connections.

The same list can be obtained using filters on the connections page and filtering by the tag applied. Tags are working based on the AND/OR logic so you can chose between those two terms when using this filter.

AND- showing the connections that have both tags applied

OR- showing the connections that have one or the other tag applied

You can also use the exclude tag filter to get the list of connections that do not contain certain tags. Note that the Tags you selected in the Tags dropdown are not shown in Exclude Tag dropdown and vice versa.

Filter by Tag

In case you want to remove a tag from a connection you just need to find that specific connection and then click on the ellipsis (⋯) - More Menu - on the right-hand side of the connection row and select Remove Tag(s) option.

Remove Tag

All tags that user(s) created before joining the Workspace will get synced and visible to everyone. After the initial sync, you can set up continuous sync between your personal account and the Workspace account by going to settings and turning on the auto-sync. If you don't wish to sync continuously, you can also initiate manual sync of tags and notes occasionally.
If a tag is created within the personal account but the same tag already exists in the workspace account and it is set as public these tags will be merged into the unique one.


All tags that are created and applied to connections within the Workspace will remain in the Workspace and won't get synced into the personal accounts

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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