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Workspace Notes and Mentioning

Adding notes is a great way of keeping important information about your connections in one place. Having this information available and visible to everyone is even more important when you're working in the team environment and sharing connections.

With LeadDelta Workspace notes, you can collaborate with your team members while making sure that the right person stays on top of the task by tagging them in the note.


While writing a note, you can mention one of your team members or multiple people in the note. The list of your members will appear once you type @ and then you can choose which one you want to mention.



In case there is a Note added for the connection, the Note icon will turn purple so it will be clear in the list of Connections which one actually have a note.

If you wish to edit or delete a note, you just need to click on the more menu and then Edit Note option for the note you wish to modify. The Note text will appear in the Input Field and you will be able to amend it.

Edit/ Delete note

You will be able to add multiple notes for each connection.

All notes and mentions are visible under the Notes tab in the upper menu.

Notes Tab

Once in the Notes tab, you can browse through all the notes, or apply one of the filters to narrow down notes based on the date created, keyword or connections name, and mentioned member.


Mention Filter

You can easily edit/delete the note by clicking on the three dots menu on the right side.


Once someone is mentioned, the notification will pop up so members can see they have new mentions, and the email will be sent out to mentioned member.

Mention Notification

Email Notification

If you're a member of multiple Workspaces, you will be able to see under which one you got mentioned.

Mention Notification

While creating notes you can set them as public or private. This will allow you to manage sharing between accounts/ users, and allow which ones you want to share with the rest of the team or keep for yourself.

Private Note

All notes are set to public by default.

Existing notes can be switched from public to personal or vice versa in the main Note tab or by clicking on the note button on the connection page.

Edit notes

The owner of the Workspace can rewrite the user settings.

All notes that user(s) created before joining the Workspace will get synced and visible to everyone. After the initial sync, you can set up continuous sync between your personal account and the Workspace account by going to settings and turning on the auto-sync. If you don't wish to sync continuously, you can also initiate manual sync of tags and notes occasionally.


All notes that are created and applied to connections within the Workspace will remain in the Workspace and won't get synced into the personal accounts

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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