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You can maximize your Network potential by collaborating with other team members and making sure you're staying on top of the interested connections and open opportunities.

When you get invited as a Member to join the Workspace, this article will explain the process of setting up your Workspace account.

Once you join LeadDelta Workspace you will have the option to test it out for 10 days during the free trial to get comfortable with the tool, before your Admin decides to pay for your account.

Workspace members will receive the invites to collaborate, and they need to follow the steps to join the Workspace.

Join Workspace

Create the Workspace Account

The invitations will expire after 7 days if not accepted.

When you join the Workspace, you will get the same onboarding flow as you had when you registered for the individual account, you need to give the consent to sync your connections and set the number of updates per day. The number of updates per day shouldn't be greater than your usual daily profile visits.



Once the onboarding flow is completed, the connection tab will show joint overview of all members' connections, and the accent is put on the mutual connections column which will show the owner of the connection and the whether other members have the same connection in their network.

Additional data columns can be enabled on demand.

Customize Columns

Robust filtering will allow the segmentation by Workspace connections, particular user connections and it can be combined with data filters for additional segmentation based on a certain criteria:

Connections Owner Filter


Everyone in the Workspace can export connection in the CSV file, if it's necessary to have them saved externally.

Dashboard will show a granular overview and valuable data insight of your shared network. The idea is to help you get a better direction and pivot your strategies to the right target group.
Workspace Analytics

You can use filters to segment the Dashboard Analytics further.


By filtering you will get the overview of the data coming from the entire Workspace, Personal data, or the selected Team Members' data.

Member's Analytics

More data points will come in the v2

The Note tab will show all the notes that were applied to connections, by any of the Workspace Members. Members can edit or delete their own notes, and only have the visibility of the notes created by the others.


When notes are shared publicly, all members can see those notes. Notes that are saved as private will be visible only to the owner of the note.

Workspace owner has the overall control over the status of the notes update access of all notes, while members can only edit and change visibility of their own notes.

Update Access

The Tags tab will show all the tags created by all team members, as well as the number of connections with that tag applied. By clicking on those numbers, you will get a list of tagged connections. You can also see whether the tag belongs to a single or multiple members.

You can filter tags based on the tag owner.

When tags are shared publicly, all members can see and use those tags. Tags that are saved as private will be visible only to the owner of the tag.
Workspace owner has the overall control over the status of the tag and can edit all tags and change the visibility/ update access of all tags, while members can only edit and change visibility of their own tags.


User can easily switch between the Workspace account and the personal account or create different Workspaces.

Switch accounts

When member(s) join the Workspace, all users' connections will get synced at that time. Once the sync is done, the update process will start and the data will get enhanced as explained in this article.
In case the users' connections were already fully updated before the users were invited to join the Workspace, there's no need to update again, only the newly connected people will keep updating until all the data points are there.

All tags and notes that user(s) created before joining the Workspace will get synced and visible to everyone. All tags and notes that are created and applied to connections within the Workspace will remain in the Workspace and won't get synced into the personal accounts.

Only the Admin of the Workspace can add users and manage the billing section.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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