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Workspace Billing

This article explains the Workspace billing in a nutshell.

Workspace account and personal account have separate billing and the accounts are billed separately.

You can manage your Workspace billing by clicking on the top-right menu and choosing the billing page.

Billing page

LeadDelta currently supports monthly and annual payments, you can purchase the right one for you by toggling between plans.

Multiple seats can be purchased at once by adjusting the number of licenses. Keep in mind that your account is accounted by default, so make sure you're adjusting only the additional licenses you want to purchase.

LeadDelta supports different credits cards at the moment.

SEPA is currently unavailable, it will come in the v2

Once the payment is processed, your account will be activated and you can access the billing page to manage the subscription moving forward.

At any point, you can add or remove the additional licenses, or pause/ cancel your subscription should you need to take a break from using the tool.

You can see the payment history and download the invoices if you need to have them externally.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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