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How to Manage Tags

If you wish to manage all your Tags in the Tags section, just click on the Tags tab in the main top bar and you will be presented with the list of all the Tags showing:
Tag Color
Tag Name
Number of Connections tagged with that particular Tag
Date/Time when the Tag was created
Action column with Edit and Delete as possible actions

Tag More Actions

You will be able to change the Tag Color straight from the Tags table by clicking on the Color dropdown and choosing the new color.

Tag Colors Dropdown

In case you want to change the Tag Name, you will be able to do it by clicking on the Edit option for the Tag you wish to edit. You will also have a chance to change the color in the same Edit popup.

Edit Tag Popup

In case you want to delete the Tag, you will need to click on the Delete option that is presented once you click on the more menu on the far right of the Tag row. You will be presented with the double confirmation since also all the Connections tagged with that tag will not have it anymore.

Delete Tag Confirmation Popup

Once you click on the number of connections that are tagged with the specific Tag (in case there are no connections tagged, you will just see the label 0 Tagged), you will be redirected to the Connections section with that particular Tag being prefilled in the Filters so that you can get to see all the Connections tagged with that Tag.

Tags are sortable based on the Tag Name, Number of Tagged Connections and Date Created column. You just need to click on the column name and the results will be presented according to the sorting criterion in ASC or DESC order.

You will also be able to search for the specific Tag by entering the Tag name in the Search field and, in case there are many tags, you will be able to change the pagination so that the table presents 10, 25 or 50 Tags on one page.

Please note that there will be Disconnected Tag listed as a default one that you cannot Edit or Delete since we are automatically applying this tag to all the connections that are Disconnected from LinkedIn via LeadDelta, i.e. the ones that you disconnected by clicking on Disconnect option in either more menu of a single connection or as a bulk action.

Similar to this, we also have New Connection Tag, that is another default tag. All the new connections will be automatically tagged with this Tag, but 7 days after the Date Connected, the Tag will be automatically removed.

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Updated on: 27/03/2024

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