🔒 How is LeadDelta different from other LinkedIn apps, and is it secure?

This is the main and most significant differentiator. We strive to be the most complied app with LinkedIn’s Terms of Service.

Here’s how:

• We are a registered Canadian corporation (in other words not hiding from Microsoft or LinkedIn).
• We don’t automate user actions.
• We use network native requests.
• We don’t overlay LinkedIn’s interface (big no!)
• We only work with your 1st-degree connections.
• If the contact information is hidden, we don’t scrape it.
• LeadDelta resembles your LinkedIn DB.
• Our long-term strategy is to partner up with LinkedIn, not fight it.
• Every feature has to be vetoed by the previous principle.

via LinkedIn Safety Series:
Published July 2021: "When your data is taken without permission and used in ways you haven't agreed to, that's not okay. On LinkedIn, our members trust us with their information, which is why we prohibit unauthorized scraping on our platform."

Is it secure?
• The user data is hosted on Google Cloud Platform and is accessible through your personal password-protected account.
• At the moment LeadDelta also operates as a Google Chrome App (Extension) which gives it another layer of safety.

Is it safe to use LeadDelta with other LinkedIn apps?
Great question and hard to answer.

Our default answer is to not use more than one LinkedIn App per profile because it is not safe. If you use two or more LinkedIn Apps on a single profile your chances of jeopardizing your account increase substantially in our opinion.

With that said, one of our users answers this brilliantly:
"...I will use LeadDelta for my primary, real account, because that needs to be handled properly. Other automation apps, I'll connect to avatars."

If you want to go more granular continue reading...

Native requests
LeadDelta is using native requests which in English means that we establish a connection with LinkedIn using users cookies. With that being said you need to be careful of two things:
Manual profile updates
Sending lots of messages

We'll explain both in a bit. But first allow me to tell you a quick story around Gmail/Outlook (or any other email provider).

If on a daily average basis you send 30 emails using Gmail, and one day you send 300, manually, by hand. Google Admin will block you for 24h (and you might be the admin). The reason is you 10x your sending speed and Google's AI thinks that someone took over your account because this is not your usual behavior. It is a safety measure.

Same thing happens on LinkedIn. You will be blocked for 24h as a first warning that something unusual is going on with your LinkedIn account.

As mentioned LeadDelta doesn't automate. But you can.

Manual Profile Updates – if you click "Update profile" too many times on your own, this can visit too many profiles. More than usual at least. Now you don't need an external tool for that. If you go visit all your profiles starting now using only LinkedIn you will achieve the same effect. So it is important that you let us unlock the profiles for you an casually when you need some information you can definitely do Manual Update on your own. If you keep your LeadDelta open in a tab we will do 200-600 profile updates.

So you might ask well what is the right number? We can't tell you that. It depends how active your profile generally is on LinkedIn.

Sending Lots of Messages – We have a hard block at 25 messages at one time. It's a no-frills version 1 messenger that we currently have. If you don't send too many messages usually, then start with 3 or 5. Don't do more. You need to slowly warm up your account for more. And we do not recommend sending more than 50 messages using LeadDelta. Everything else can be considered spam. If you want to hear from your connections we recommend better to export the contact infiormation and send emails out.

With all that being said can we guarantee anything?

We cannot guarantee anything. But one of our main accounts has 20k connections and we've been using and testing LeadDelta for over a year. No issues at all.

You will never hear us saying you are totally safe because we do not own LinkedIn.

But you should be pretty safe because we do not automate your behavior. And LeadDelta doesn't exist for the LinkedIn system, because we use native users requests.

We truly hope that this helps.
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