We are super excited to share with you the first version of the Inbox Feature- Inbox Beta!

What does it mean for you?

We wanted to give you the ability to have the Inbox functionality inside the LeadDelta, so you don’t have to leave the page and look for the actual conversation inside your LinkedIn account. This means that all your LinkedIn messages are now accessable within your LeadDelta CRM and you you have it all in one place.

If you're wondering about the feature and what you can currently do with it, this article will explain the current options and what is coming next:

Inbox BETA can be found in the main navigation bar

When you click on the Inbox BETA option, it will open a new page where you can perform the following actions:

List your conversations- Seamlessly load and scroll through all your past conversations.
See the messages exchanged within one Single or Group Conversation- Find and read your messages.
Send a new Text Message- Interact with your connections and reply back to a single or a group message.

We value your privacy: LeadDelta is not storing or hosting your LinkedIn messages. If you log out from your LinkedIn account LeadDelta Inbox Conversations disappear.

What is coming out next?

The option to pin messages
The option to tag the conversations with the tags you already have created in LeadDelta
The option to filter based on tags

The Inbox feature was probably one of the most requested features since the beginning of LeadDelta, we know you've been waiting for it for a long time, and so did we.

Is it perfect? NO!
Can we make it perfect? YES! But we need your help!

Please contribute to our Product roadmap and share your voice with the rest of the community.

We already have some ideas, and the team will be working hard on the improvements, but your opinion matters the most so please share your feedback with us and what else would you need for this feature and we hope to make it happen!
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