If it doesn't say "TRIAL" in the top right of your LeadDelta – you are good to go!

But also, it might be that the code didn't redeem for some reason.

And in that case please follow the steps outlined on the AppSumo product/redemption page:

Go to: https://appsumo.com/account/products/
Then select LeadDelta: Select > from dropdown select "Redeem"
Copy your unique AppSumo Code
Go to: https://leaddelta.com/appsumo
Apply your unique AppSumo Email, Create a NEW password that you will use for LeadDelta, then apply your unique AppSumo Code
Install LeadDelta, follow the process and input your newly created credentials (Email + Password): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/leaddelta-linkedin-connec/pglgkbbnncfddpclbgomegdnjihljkdp

Thank you and welcome once more. 🙏
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